Trending styles of Joshua Tree

Millions of people WORLDWIDE come to visit Joshua Tree National park. Perhaps its the funky trees or maybe even the big boulders of rocks pilled up , one things for sure there is something so magical about this place. Best times to visit the park is probably November through out march. As temperatures can hit over 100 degrees is the summer time. So this time of the year, definitely dress warm in the high desert which is colder than Los Angeles although the hikes and park exploring will warm you up.

Where Two Deserts Meet. Two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together in Joshua Tree National Park.The Joshua tree symbolizes the strength and beauty that can arise from dysfunction. 

I suggest you dress comfortable if you want to do any type of rock climbing. Also FYI wear boots , booties or any type of ankle shoes to avoid that tenaciously attachment of cactus spikes to skin and clothing. I always bring an extra jacket and a beenie to keep my ears warm.

The sunsets in the park are truly spectacular and it becomes the magical hour. I love dressing warm and carrying out a blanket to confront the cold weather. I also suggest to stay at a near by bed and breakfast in Yucca or Joshua tree reason being Im not much of a camper. I also prefer not to sleep in a tent.

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