6 Healthy Habits you need to start now!

Being healthy should be everyones first priority . Health is what will allow us to move forward; whether its mental health or physical health. Of course we all have ups and downs at time and this makes it difficult to keep up with a healthy lifestyle! So here are 6 healthy habits you can adapt and make it into your everyday ritual.


Something so obvious yet many of us struggle with self love and care daily. Make it a habit to always give yourself the love you need and desire. No one else can do that for you but yourself. Always care and nurture for yourself first , listen to your feelings and emotions. Be grateful of everything you poses. Realize how lucky you are to have things others don’t. Lastly do something for yourself.


Eating healthy and working out to a healthy lifestyle daily will keep you going . Adapting healthy habits and nurturing your body is so important. A 20 min a day exercise can do wonders for your mind and give you energy . Eating organic greens, fruits or any type of produce will contribute in your daily fueling and sustain your energy at a high level. Love your body and give it the nutrients it desires.

love yourself and be happy


The body can not be anything without the soul. Therefore you must care for your soul as well. Don’t neglect it but nurture it. You can do so by daily meditation, saying rituals , lighting some palo Santo to relive the soul. Another great way to awaken the soul is essential oils. Each oil gives beneficial aroma and strength to help flourish your soul.


No matter how big or small your achievements can be, celebrate them . Path yourself on the back for how far you’ve come. No matter how tiny your success is its worth rewarding yourself. Inch by inch recognizing your minor goals will help achieve your major goal.


Always carry yourself with self love and respect. Never encourage negative thoughts or feelings towards you. Don’t be too hard on yourself , you deserve everything you have and work hard for. Instead of criticizing yourself work on the parts you can improve. 


Always surround yourself with good people. Friends and family members who care for you and uplift you. Quality over quantity always. Associate with like minded people who support and help you achieve your goals.

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