How to detail for a Night out

If your looking for an effortless glam life and style here is a few details that will help you accomplish it. Details is what will make your outfit stand out for the night.

red for classy glam

Keep in mind RED lips are always a perfect match for a night out!

I love MAC lipstick as it has amazing pigment and lasts all night this color is “lustering” the perfect red.

For jewerly be sure to have a nice statement ring or necklace to add the evening look in your detailing, for tonight I chose a smokey quartz vintage gold ring to make this statement. 

details, details, details…

I love a simple look when it comes to fashion and style, I also enjoy this with my foundation. Chanel broad spectrum healthy glow offers a sweet scent, and great coverage, giving you the flawless look. My color is N20 in ” LES BEIGES” collection.

The featured scent of the night is VERT D’ENCENS by TOM FORD, sophisticated aroma, smoky with pin like a live forest, yet so nostalgicly glamourious for the night . 

Complimenting this look is black and gold tassel earnings, gold details always brings a sophisticated style as well as the hassle is vintage and making a comeback , perfect for an evening wear.

Lets get into hair, My curly hair is obsessed with OUAI products and this leave in conditioner does wonders, you can use it for many style, high ponytail, slick back look or just natural curls. The smell isn’t overpowering, and remains discreet yet the product performs its best with minimal product usage.

any style for an all night hold

Leopard print is a must for nights out.

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