People often think of a closet staple as the little black dress or the go to fit perfect pair of jeans, but staple can mean so much more, like a undying pattern that gets reinvented time after time. Leopard print has discreetly been a muse to the highest fashion brands in the industry. Shoes, dresses, tops, headbands, gloves the list goes on, anything you can think of has been done in leopard print. It made its big debut in the 20’s silently, in a more of a cover related style, such as coats or jackets. Quickly making its way to other fashion items.


Leopard today is portrayed as elegant and luxurious. Something about the spots and color brings a dose of life into any style, from punk rock to classy chic Dior.


Its all about mixing textures and having fun with print. Bringing out the true element of the animal itself, the leopard. My boots are velvet and the dress is sheer which makes it elegant yet fierce. Dress from RATANDBOA IN “RAFAELA”. Boots by Carolinnaespinosa.


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