Different ways to Rock a Leather Jacket


We all have that favorite pair of leather Jacket in the closet. I, on the other hand have 10 leather jackets and yet keep wearing the same one over and over again! Luckily I found different ways to style it. Perhaps you wouldn’t own one? Well you need to go buy one that fits you best, Today! First and foremost leather jackets are not only stylish but also comfortable. Secondly , how great is it to have an item in your closet that could truly withhold the test of time and fashion trend?! This is honestly my favorite item to wear. It portrays an everyday lifestyle and edgy attitude to say the least . Most of us wear it one way ; like a jacket. Nonetheless they’re are a few different ways to style our lovely leather coat for any occasion casual to very dressy. Unlike most places in LA we welcome style no matter if its weather friendlyNeedless to say style over anything.


CASUAL ; A comfy T-shirt , an awesome body suit or even a crop top… all pairing with my FAVORITE leather jacket.

THE JACKET ; I myself have 5 different pairs of leather jacket. I love the feels and vibrance of it mostly.  Hectic lifestyle but untouched attitude. That small amount of classy edge thats just perfect.


Basically any season will do. Summer,winter,fall or even winter. Its a durable material thats absolute for any type of occasions. My favorite is a fancy dress combined with the leather coat.

Styling “THIS LOOK”  in several different ways gives you a sense of high fashion style and great usage for the appropriate weather. The material itself “leather” is long lasting and durable for wind, cold and dusty weather types. But most of all have fun with it no matter which way you choose to wear it. Choose a way that represents you.

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