Whether its a spontaneous roaming flow trip , or an event you’ve planned for weeks…We all have been there before, stuck! Needing, wishing a certain something we had packed in our purses. Especially if you love to be prepared.

lets start the list:

  • Deodorant; living in LA has its undeniable perks of course, but also its hot climate and exciting manifesting flow calls for a 24 hrs deodorant stash. I use the taste no alumunium “clean queen” and do a re-application through out the day to stay and smell fresh.
  • Evian Brumisateur Water Facial Spray ; delivers powered micro-droplets of pure evian natural mineral water in a leak-proof canister. products has saved me so many times before its indispensable. It releases the perfect mist amount to your body to revive you in a sense.Lets not forget its hypo-allergenic content, evian Facial Spray with a neutral pH is compatible with all skin types. Even if you have makeup on your face you can use it.
  • Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1; weightless, three-in-one coconut water-infused mist that primes, sets, and refreshes makeup while it helps keep skin hydrated. Its basically a lifesaver in a bottle.
  • Lipstick ; Everyone needs a refresh , now and then , pick your favorite color and put it in your purse to look flawless during the day.
  • Lipgloss; always carry lipgloss in your purse especially an SPF ingredient one. Your lips do not need to be exposed to the sun, yet drinking and eating can make it difficult to maintain. Carrying lipgloss can be easy to reapply . Also apply it over or under your lipstick to give it the moisture and extra glossy look.
  • Hair-ties; weather its a scrunchie or invisibobble, or just a plain black elastic, what ever the case may be having one in your purse at all time makes it easy to confront, pretty much anything into your day.
  • highlighter; unlike other products highlighter can give you the right glow right before meeting someone for a drink or dinner after work. The best part you can use it on your cheekbones, lips, corner of your eyes and even neckline or shoulders, to get that sun kiss look wherever you are.
  • Safety pin; Often I’ve had a button fall off in midday or even worse a wardrobe malfunction. But to avoid all that anxiety on a daily base, A safety pin in your purse can save the day. You can pretty much get out of anything with confidence.
  • Gum or Mint; even if you ate without thinking of the meeting after dinner, this can save your life. throw in a few gum pieces or mints in your purse. Giving you the fresh feeling without brushing your teeth when your on the go.
  • Hand sanitizer; because you never know what you can possibly touch and need to disinfect immediately.


Bonus essential: if you have Palo Santo or any type of essential oil in a bottle you can pack with you, you can use this as a aroma therapy, perfume, mental wellness on the go.


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