Malibu Coast with Style & Vitals

This fashion trend is a fresh air of vintage passion. With loads of color and accesories  Exquiste sky, sunny days and beautiful Malibu beaches. If you’ve visited Malibu, California you know how breath taking the coast can possibly be. The rocky edge has spectacular scenery.


The musts: light blue short shorts from H & M and off the shoulder custom men’s shirt from “living a dream boutique” bring the basics to life. Paired with my head scarf to add a pop of color. And to keep the hair out of my face as it can be windy and sweaty. The white vintage canvas material purse is from an antique mall , found it a while back trolling into different thrift shops.


Always keep yourself hydrated at the beach even if its just to lay out.My personal fave is a swell bottle, which keeps your water ice cold for 24 hrs under the scorching sun. I love getting my feet wet but I wasn’t quit ready for the dip that day. Don’t forget Re-apply your lipstick as needed. Some even have spf in them to protect and keep your lips healthy. Lastly a good book to read to make smart use of your time. El-Matador beach offers panoramic views and the ocean is just perfectly cold.

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