7 LA Hikes with Views

Living in LA definitly has its perks, especially if your big on outdoors and hiking. We literally have the most astonishing views and hikes only as little as 25 min drive away. Now thats something to be grateful for.

1. Grotto Cave Malibu

Me and the hubby actually made a video of this full hike! Please check it out !!!

Tucked in the malibu canyon one of the most spectacular and beautiful waterfalls awaits you at the very bottom of the cave. This hike is honestly an amazing opportunity for first and for most diving by the coast of PCH and getting that gorgeous ocean view, Second brushing up on your climbing and getting pro at grasping your bouldering skillsAbsolutely no tools or pro equipment needed. You can start at the circle x ranch. The Grotto is found just past Happy Hollow at 1.4 miles. Best clue is a large flat rock in the middle of this formation, and follow the short cliff drop-off. Once reached the bottom you’ll find yourself in a beautiful little cave, with a small waterfall. Duration: 1.5 hrs

Pro tip: Park at the nearby Circle X Ranch campground and also they’re is a famous food neptune net seafood spot!

2. Palos Verdes Portuguese bend


One of the most mesmerizing trails I’ve been too and still give me the feels every time. The main entrance to Portuguese Bend Reserve is near Del Cerro Park at the end of Crenshaw Boulevard (nearest cross street is Burrell Lane). They’re is a parking lot that you can park your car. And they have restrooms right at the beginning of the trail. The Trail passes side by side with a golf trail and its spectacular views.

3. The Wisdom Tree


Best thing to do is park along Lake Hollywood Drive and begin your hike heading east on Wonder View Drive. The pavement ends at a gate and you’ll have a short distance on a dirt road. The wisdom tree hike is very magical hike claimed by many. Personally I went there once and got so much wisdom and knowledge out of it. Weird? yes! People from all over come up there and write notes, messages, hopes, dreams and place it under the rocks of the wisdom tree. Also a fun fact the Wisdom Tree is the only tree in the area that survived the Hollywood Hills Fire in 2007.

4. Eaton Canyon

This is a 40 foot waterfall that falls beautifully to a small pool below. Often crowded because of its popularity. The trail is easy and mellow. Best parts are free to park and about 3-4 miles round trip.

5. Topanga lookout


In the calm canyons tucked away Above the Pacific Ocean and 3 miles from the coast this hike has spectacular views. Once you’re in the intersection of Stunt Road and Saddle Peak Road, you are there ,there are 3 parking spots, but you can also park along Stunt Road on the far right.At one point the trail splits, the left trail takes you to another small rise, follow the one on the right to reach the lookout tower. At the very top you’ll see breath taking views and graffiti everywhere which gives it life and color. Overall easy hike.

6. Los leones

los liones

If Ocean views are what you desire while hiking this spot is exactly meant for you. The fresh breeze make this less-traveled hiking spot one of the most panoramic on the Westside. The 1.5 mile trail is the ideal pre-brunch workout hike. Depending on your endurance you can also do a good seven-mile loop to the Parker Mesa Overlook for a good 4 hrs.

7. Culver city stairs

culver city stairs

This hike is one of a kind. I remember my first impression was wow, thats a lot of stairs. It consists mainly of going up and gets your gluts on track. With a real address 6300 Hetzler Rd. Its fairly easy to find Parking all along the side of the big road. This is a 375 to 500+ steps and a one (1) mile hiking trail. This is basically natures “stair master” pretty easy just keep going up and once reached the very top you’ll find it highly impressive how your situated right into the busy city.

All in all , LA has great spots to hike ! These are my personal faves but they’re are a lot more awesome hotspots! Enjoy

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