It Ain’t your Beauty, Its your Booty

If there is one thing I’m extremly serious and strict about, It’s my skincare routine. After a long day, I love to give my skin some much needed attention but what about your booty tho? Needless to say when I discovered this product I was extremely excited to try it! It consists mostly of all natural products and that is my number one priority.


So lets talk about this:

Imagine a built your own box with Spa and Wellness products customized for your skin. Too good to be true? Nope,  it exists!

 The proskinbox is exactly what we need with exclusive products that can be personalized and the best part its subscription free!!! They kicked off their first box and here is what’s inside .


This months Proskinbox kicks it off with masks!!! booty masks, booty-treat spray and clay powder and a good soak  for vagina health to feel extra relaxed.

img_9739The second I opened the box I noticed how pleasing it felt to my gaze. My first impression was drawn instantly to darling esthetics, pink and white accents made me feel  “pretty ” immediately . Not to mention The Booty-Treat spray aromatic scent awakened my senses. Bursting with 21 essential oils. And best of all , primarily organic ingredients the excitement was beyond me. Ylang-ylang, tea tree, sage, lavender just to name a few. Finally a product that smells heavenly.

I lit up a candle and got right into it! The whole experience was honestly so satisfying and felt like I was in a spa. The booty beauty powder felt like silk on the skin and smelled like cotton candy. The best part is that its made with pink clay and the benefits are beyond thrilling. Just a quick mix with water to get it at a pasty consistency , easy to spread I use a mask brush. Cleansing the skin, slough off dead skin cells and noticed an overall refreshed appearance and removing impurities. Cant believe I lived without this product.


Every product has such great benefits. The Sleeping Booty Mask is infused with marine collagen. Its a hydrator and plumper and leaves you feeling smooth and  soft. The peppermint smell adds amazing aromatherapy while smearing it on each cheek.

A little goes a long way with all of these product and thats what I really adore. When i fall in love with a product I expect it to last. Overall my booty got the best makeover and felt amazing. Even added some confidence so tomorrow I will be fearless in my shorts shorts at the beach. Whether you have a date night or beach party to attend even if you just want to give that booty the special attention this product is perfect. I went to bed feeling like a million dollars. Giving my rear end that extra love definitely put me in a great mood.

Side note of your interested you can use my code “shopnat” and get an immediate discount. PROSKINBOX


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