How to style long skirts


Skirts are comfortable and refreshing, especially for summer climate. A true must in your closet. Different lengths and shades can come together to set you in a more flowy Style and feel.

Long Skirts are especially my favorite, elegant and classy look. Although as a short woman wearing a long skirt, it can be unflattering at times. Luckily I have a tip for you , the main goal is to tuck in your top. A crop top can also be a great alternative. Outlining your waste and reshaping my “petit” frame. Also, as a woman with darker features I chose these lovely colors. The shades of greens mixes and interconnects with complimenting each other in a charmed Jaded persona.

With detailed mesquite button and tank top to keep it charmed cool. Fern shade of green mix with Jade and Mesquite wood in the air. I also love to add a belt to accentuate the mesquite wood. This a everyday summer look. Comfortable and elegant all in one. Paired with a bamboo straw summer purse. Latte’s and sunshine are what I enjoy most in such atmosphere.

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